Jackson's Fishing and Sporting

Less Skinning Time... Means More Fishing Time

P.O. BOx 45
23391 Hwy. 370 West
Falkner, Mississippi 38629
Phone (662) 837-9089, Fax 837-9545

No. 2300 Fish Skinner
No. 2200 Fish Skinner

No Knife Needed
Makes Skinning Easy
Hardened Steel

No. 2100 Skinner WITH RUBBER GRIPS


Jackson's Fish Skinning Tool was invented by Leroy H. Jackson of Falkner, Mississippi, after having a difficult task of cleaning fish for customers who fished his catfish ponds.

The fish Skinning Tool is manufactured at Jackson's Fishing and Sporting, and sold to Sporting Goods and Discount Stores in several states.

Jacksons's invention combines a cutting edge and pinchers for grasping the skin of the fish. The cutting edge insures a clean cut of the skin, but limits the depth, prventing damage to the meat of the fish.

The combination of a cutting tool and grasping device elimiates the need for two seperate tools and having to switch from one to the other. The task of removing skin from a fish is made easier and done more efficiently. This gives fishermen less skinning time and more fishing time.